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October 2001

Section editor:  Scott McLetchie

Featured Addition:  The Wanderer Project

  • The ORB Textbook Library (ed. Teresa Reed) has added a link to The Wanderer Project by Rick McDonald of Utah Valley State College.  This resource allows students to view parts of the Old English Exeter Book in order that they may better understand choices that editors & translators make. 

Just Arrived!: 

Additions to The ORB Encyclopedia

Additions to E-Texts

  • Deeds of Arms, edited and translated by Steve Muhlberger. A collection of accounts of mid and late 14th century formal deeds of arms (jousts, the Combat of the Thirty, tournaments).

Additions to the ORB Library:  

Additions to Resources for Teaching

Additions to External Sites (Disclaimer)

  • Uniting the Kingdoms?  Created by the UK Public Record Office, this well-crafted and entertaining site explores how the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh thought of themselves between 1066 and 1603 and how they ended up with only one (Scottish) King among them. The exhibition is divided into five principal sections, examining Scotland, England, France, Wales, and Ireland in turn. Each begins with a very brief overview and then offers a mixture of text and images of primary documents (via pop-up windows) to explore a number of topics related to the larger theme. Selected links and recommended readings are also included. Additional sections include a list of monarchs and a collection of maps.
  • Exeter Cathedral Keystones and Carvings, by Avril K. Henry and Anna C. Hulbert.  This free website offers a comprehensive visual and verbal explanatory catalogue of all the figurative medieval bosses, corbels and labelstops (with a few other interior carvings) which are an integral part of the medieval interior construction of the Cathedral.

Additions to Medieval Studies for the Non-Specialist

Last updated 1 October 2001

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