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June 2000

Section editor:  Scott McLetchie

ORB is particularly proud to announce the addition of David Herlihy's syllabus on The Black Death, revised, expanded and introduced by Charles T. Wood, in Resources for Teaching; Syllabi.

The ORB Encyclopedia

The ORB Textbook Library

  • The Crusades: A college course on the Crusades offered by Dr. E. L. Skip Knox, Boise State University
The ORB Reference Shelf

Resources for Teaching

  • Syllabi has added The Black Death, David Herlihy, Harvard University (early 1980s), edited and with an introduction by Charles T. Wood, Dartmouth College
Of General Interest External Links
  • Medieval Manuscript Manual:  The Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University, Budapest, has created a manual dealing with production, structure, illumination, patronage, and usage of manuscripts. Many useful and informative illustrations.

Kalamazoo 2000:  Let's Start a Web Page!  What Were We Thinking? Outlines, papers, etc. from May 6 session at International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

Last updated 3 June 2000

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