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October 2000

Section editor:  Scott McLetchie

Featured Addition:  The Electronic Grosseteste, ed. James R. Ginther. The site now contains all of Grosseteste's Philosophical Works (printed in the Baur Edition), his Letters, and the first 50 of his Dicta (transcribed by Joseph Goering). There are also research resources which would be of use to those who work in medieval theology, philosophy, history of science and church history, including a searchable bibliographical database. Users may also download zipped copies of the public domain texts. Registration is required, but that information remains private. All public texts are searchable.

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  • The Electronic Grosseteste, ed. James R. Ginther. See "Featured Addition" above for more information.
  • Medieval Manuscript Manual:  The Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University, Budapest, has created a manual dealing with production, structure, illumination, patronage, and usage of manuscripts. Many useful and informative illustrations. 

Kalamazoo 2000:  Let's Start a Web Page!  What Were We Thinking? Outlines, papers, etc. from May 6 session at International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

Last updated 2 October 2000

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