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Online Textbooks

Full-Length Texts for Classroom Use

Section Editor: Teresa Reed

It is our goal in this section to make available online texts that have been written by experienced medievalists and tested both in the classroom and on the internet. Because medievalists are often assigned to teach courses at both ends of their chronological period, we have expanded our coverage in this section to include western survey courses and the period of Renaissance and Reformation. All texts are subject to our usual copyright restrictions: they may be reproduced for classroom use only.
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook, by Paul Halsall, University of North Florida

Medieval Paleography: An Introduction, by David A. Postles, Leicester University

Old English: An Introductory Course, by Murray McGillivray, University of Calgary

The Wanderer Project, by Rick McDonald, Utah Valley State College

Lectures for a Medieval Survey, by Lynn H. Nelson, University of Kansas

Medieval England, by Steven Muhlberger, Nipissing University

Western Civilization, by E. L. "Skip" Knox, Boise State University

Ecclesiology: A Short Course on the Medieval Church, by Yuri Koszarycz, Australian Catholic University

Celtic Arts and Cultures, by Dorothy Verkerk, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Crusades, by E. L. "Skip" Knox, Boise State University

Essex Knights and the Parliaments of Edward I, by J. S. Illsley, former of University of Wales.

Renaissance and Reformation, by the late William Gilbert, University of Kansas [in preparation]

Backgrounds to Chaucer, by Peter G. Beidler, Lehigh University

Lectures on Medieval Literature, edited by Teresa Reed, Jacksonville State University [in preparation]
Including links to primary texts online and to lectures, written by experienced medievalists, on those texts; all lectures have been reviewed by the ORB editorial board and were specially chosen for this site.

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