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Let's Start a Web Site! What Were We Thinking?

Issues of Navigation

Talk at the 35th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University
May 6, 2000

Laura Blanchard, University of Pennsylvania Library

Organizing Principles

  • Distributed hosting
  • Variety of skill levels
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • See template

For ease of navigation

  • Self explanatory homepage -- toolbar for "power users" -- explanatory sections for new visitors -- quick links to the rest of the "Big Four" -- occasional newsflashes on homepage
  • "Encyclopedia" as the heart of ORB, with other resources arranged by type on other secondary pages

Some issues to be addressed

  • Search engine or site map
  • Underexploited cross-links -- both internally between encyclopedia pages and other supporting sections, and externally by linking to related resources
  • Special needs audiences/ "Bobby compliance"
  • Preserving navigation functions while foiling "net theft"
  • Special portals for secondary students, teachers

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