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Who We Are and What We Do

The Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies (ORB) is a cooperative effort on the part of scholars across the internet to establish an online textbook source for medieval studies on the World-Wide Web. In principle, authors of the various articles that make up ORB maintain their own articles at their own locations. Each article is connected to ORB's Title Index, which can be accessed at any time by clicking on the ORB icon (see the top left corner above) anywhere it appears. In addition, each article will be linked directly to related articles and other information available on the Web. Some authors welcome your questions, comments and observations about their articles. This invitation is indicated by a sensitive mail icon after the author's name.

For brief biographical sketches of the many people who contribute to ORB, you may turn to:

ORB maintains several pages of links to existing medieval resources on the Internet. The Library page lists primary sources, many in translation. The Graphics page will provide links to scanned images available for downloading. The Reference Shelf contains a melange of useful tables, timelines, and discussions of technical matters. The Connections page provides links to other useful collections, the homepages of medieval scholars, and other relevant pages on the Internet. Links to existing resources are also provided in essays or contents pages where their presence is deemed helpful and convenient for the reader.

Individual authors are solely responsible for the content of their articles and retain the copyright to their portion of ORB on the understanding that their article may be reproduced so long as the entire article, including the header and the copyright notice at the bottom of each page, remain intact. ORB welcomes proposals from authors with academic credentials. The proposal procedure is explained on a page set aside for Submissions. Finally, ORB is a work that is continually in progress; it makes no pretense to being a finished product. Thus, there is always room for implementing new suggestions. If you have an idea that would improve this facility and would like to share it with the Editorial Board, please email your suggestion to theeditor@the-orb.net.

Acknowledgements: ORB began as the result of a discussion on MEDIEV-L in early 1995; its official birth occurred at Kalamazoo in May 1995. It was the brainchild of Lynn H. Nelson, who serves as Executive Publisher. Its current editor is Carolyn Schriber, and its technical director is Laura Blanchard. Others who have helped to bring ORB to the internet include: David Burr, Frederick L. Cheyette, Richard W. Clement, Paul Crawford, Jeffrey Fisher, Jeff Heinen, Norman Hinton, Karen Jolly, Douglas B. Killings, Skip Knox, Jane Maurer, Sharon Michalove, Compton Reeves, Bruce Retallack, and Nancy Seybold.

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The contents of ORB are copyright © 1995-1999 Laura V. Blanchard and Carolyn Schriber except as otherwise indicated herein.