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LAURA BLANCHARD is executive director of the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries in addition to handling special projects for the Department of Development and External Affairs at the Library of the University of Pennsylvania. She has built World Wide Web sites for both these entities, in addition to her award-winning [Point Top 5% of the Web] Richard III Society World Wide Web site.

JEFF HEINEN is presently working toward a B.A. in medieval history at the University of California at Santa Barbara. After graduating he plans on attending graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in medieval history. Jeff is employed as a consultant at the university's Microcomputer Lab, and also freelances as a computer consultant specializing in internet consultation and training, and web-site development.

DOUGLAS B. KILLINGS attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he gained a keen interest in Medieval Literature and History. Although he now makes his home in the dreaded Real World (where he works for an extremely busy computer and network consultating firm), his desire to contribute something to academic studies prompted him to create OMACL, the Online Medieval And Classical Library, a growing internet archive of medieval and classical literature in public domain translations and editions. He also maintains the Useful Websites page at ORB. Aside from these activities, he prefers to lurk in the shadows.

JANE MAURER is a Colorado State University Senior English literature major, with a minor in history (primarily British and medieval) and a minor in Religious studies. She has spent the last four and a half years at the CSU libraries as Library WEB/gopher mistress, providing computer hardware and software support, installation and maintenance, and training.

BRENDAN J. MCMANUS holds a Ph.D. in history from Syracuse University (1991). His dissertation was a study of the 13th-century jurist, Laurentius Hispanus. It included an edition of Laurentius's Apparatus Glossarum in Compilationem tertiam. His research interests include Medieval Law and Jurisprudence, especially from 1100-1450, political theory, and ecclesiology. He has published "An Interpolation in D.12 c.6" in the Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law. He is now teaching at SUNY Oneonta and working on several articles, including "The Consilia and Questiones of Oldradus de Ponte" and a study of the canon law on Boniface VIII's decretal Super Cathedram, which resolved the secular-mendicant controversy. McManus has designed many of our logos.

MIKE WOTTLE is a senior at Rhodes College, where he is a computer science major and a member of the track team. During the 1996-1997 schgool year, he serves as general factotum for ORB.

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