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Web Sites Relevant to Medieval Studies

A Word from the Management

The following list is an expanded and organized version of the previous ORB Useful Websites List, and contains many new additions, corrections, and modifications. Sites have been sorted by subject, multiple listings have been (for the most part) eliminated, and inactive links have been removed. Where an inactive link was found, efforts have been made to try to establish the site's new location; if no new location was found, the link was removed. If you are looking for a link that no longer appears here, it is suggested that you take a glance at the Missing In Action page; anyone with information as to the current whereabouts of any site listed on this page is invited to e-mail me with an update. If you are having problems with any link on this page, please notify me at once so that I may make any necessary corrections. Likewise, suggestions for new additions to this page are also accepted.

Please e-mail all comments and suggestions to: Douglas B. Killings at DeTroyes@EnterAct.COM



General Medieval Resources


See also Literature and Manuscripts.

Complete set of images of the 14th C. Brut lamnuscript


Britain and British Isles

Journals and Newsletters

Language Resources

Libraries and Museums


Literature and Manuscripts

NOTE: Individual works can also be accessed by Title or Author from the ORB Library, or by Subject from the Internet Medieval Sourcebook. Text Archives

Maps and Cartography

Miscellaneous Resources


University Medieval Departments

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