Chapter 18

[ 18 ]

Harshly moved and incited by this encouraging address; William quickly assembled the armies of his entire realm; and he advanced beyond the river couesnon. intending to dominate the bretons. Terrified therefore at his arrival. and unwilling to obey William; the withdrawm bretons lay hidden in the town garrisons. Then William occupied with his army. all the land of the bretons; and he destroyed very many ramparted places. But once William retreated from brittany. to the town of rouen. the bretons. having followed close after him. attacked and were ravaging the district of bayeux. Therefore William blocked their retreat. having called back his entire army; and he fought valiantly against them. and after very many of the breton leaders had fallen. he gained a victory over his foes. And after this he ravaged their land. weakening them with hunger and scarcity; and overpowering them by means of the greatest possible carnage. Moreover berengar and alan and the rest of the bretons. seeing that they neither availed nor prevailed against William; sent an ambassador to him with intercessory words. We served your father obediently; devoting ourselves we also long to obey you. We beg you not to disdain us; nor to abhor our service in any respect whatever; but take us back as a compassionate lord does offending servants. Blinded by the advice of perverse men; we have disregarded your sovereign commands. May your fury be turned away from your servants; and grant us all kinds of peaceful happiness. Bend a kind ear of magnanimous compassion; to vile servants. quarrelsome and causing offense. For what we promised to you by a god-fearing christian oath of allegiance; we promised falsely by hitherto working wickedly against you. We repent that we have erred against you; and that we have foresaken your service. For the very mightly duke William having indeed yielded to this embassy of designated humility. and concerning the disregarded military service and obedience. with the leaders of the dacians having advised him on the matter. with gracious compassion he took back duke berengar of the bretons. burdened though he was with the weight of causing offense. and of disregarded service. and of having to procure mercy; and he bound him to himself by an oath of allegiance of steadfastly continuing fidelity. and of service. But he spurned and rejected alan. who was the author and kindler of this quarrel and strife; and he drove him with his followers out of the breton region. Truly for fear of duke William he was unable to linger in brittany. nor anywhere in all of francia; but as a fugitive sought out the aid of athelstan king of the angles. Then William vigorously ruled the populace of both realms; and he began copiously to flourish in might and virtue. For indeed report of his goodness was being publicized throughout the climes of the world; His chaste abstinence was being profusely published abroad. nor would he devote himself to the allurements of begetting succeeding generations. Therefore with his companions compelling him. not with any human frailty of sexual desire besetting him. but lest an heir to so great a lineage and so great an office and position of leadership either be wanting. or be absent; he bound himself in the lust-producing right of renewing the succession to a certain most noble maiden. of extremely fine appearance. profusely prudent in deliberation. even more copiously circumspect in public affairs. most fitly appropriate in comportment. most judiciously eloquent in speech. most elegantly and artfully skilful in womanly administration.


Clionian martyr blazing with innocent deeds;
Blooming with a splendid presentiment of a sumptuous recompense.
Flashing with an increase of divine success.
Elegantly resplendent with the uprightness of a glorious future.
And famed for an everlasting light of outspread goodness.
Indeed even more worthily splendid than all others due to your merits.
Do not dread and do not fear trembling and being terrified.
Of the right of the lawful bed by which you have pledged yourself in alliance.
For this union is of sacred sensual delight;
Intact faith has suffered no stain of shame.
Nor has lust profaned the merit of your sacred heart.
For indeed from your seed a splendid duke will succeed.
Glorified by the gift of virtues. and glittering with merits.
Governing the populace conquered by his valiant authority.
He will rule in the manner of a father, will exalt them.
Duly directing and making them devote themselves to christ with all their efforts.
With righteous reins he will direct the copiously-flowing nation.
And under his hand there will be peace peace. concord peace peace.

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