Chapter 9

[ 9 ]

Truly with the entreaties of these prayers having ceased the sea soon rests with the tempests calmed. and shortly they deployed the ships and those smashed by the storm over the vast tracts of calm smooth sea by means of a wished-for breeze. They steered with difficulty to the shores of the walgri. However the walgri hearing. that a barbarian nation savagely battered by a storm at sea had been carried to their shores. with an assembled multitude of peasants. unexpectedly assailed duke Rollo barely raised up from the stormy sea. Stirred up in his accustomed manner he proceeded finishing the war against them; and he sent very many of them overthrown by violent death over to the lower world. and he either captured or put to flight the remainder. And as he kept pillaging the waal region tarrying for a long while; the most christian king of the angles alstem recalling. the friendship by which he the most distinguished in uprightness of all kings had bound himself and rollo together in eternal alliance; sent over to the very lofty duke in the waal region. twelve boats loaded with grain and wine and lard yea indeed the same number filled with an armed warband. Delighted with these gifts rollo sent back to the king as an act of thanks; ambassadors enriched with the very greatest presents; and he sent word through them that he himself was about to attend the king. However the walgri estimating. on account of the abundant supply of grain that had been fetched that rollo was going to linger in the waal region for all time; called for ragnar long-neck duke of hesbaye. and hainault. and for radbod prince of the region of frisia. and with the amassed army of those other districts; they attacked rollo. As he had done many times he proceeded to war without hesitation; he killed many thousands of them; he chased both ragnar long-neck. and radbod the frisian. to their own strongholds. Then he ravaged the whole land of the walgri; and consumed it with fire. Indignant after this because of the whole affair; he swiftly sought out the frisians. and began to ravage their land. Then the frisian inhabitants of the zuidersee quickly collecting in a mass a pile of many peoples; and heaping upon their own forces a multitude of the common people inhabiting the neighborhood of frisia. with many prepared hosts. venture in sped-up assault to attack rollo. But rollo and those who were with him on bended knee and with the horror of arms assailing them. wholly covered by a covering of oblong shields. and folded together with the glittering sword-points of a tight battle array; have been awaiting the commencement of the combat. Therefore the frisians reckoning that their multitude is very small. have begun the war; it will not benefit them. The dacians truly springing forth. rushing upon them have overthrown them all the way to destruction. And they have captured very many leaders and have led an innumerable band back to their ships. Thus the remaining frisians. despairing; have henceforth become subject to tribute; yielding obedience in all things to rollo's precepts. Once the tribute payment of frisia has been collected and accumulated and handed over; he thereupon launches high the canvas sails given to the ships. and turns the prows to the lands of ragnar broad-throat. longing to take revenge upon that very man; who with the already overthrown frisian walgri was present in the battle. Having rambled over the deep; he enters the bed of the schelde. and pillaging the land on this side and that. comes upon ragnar long-neck; at a certain abbey called by the name of condé. Truly ragnar has brought many battles to pass against him; but mighty rollo has emerged the victor from all of them. The land kept being ravaged; enduring the evils of both armies. A very powerful famine appears; for the earth is not rent by the plough. The masses are weakened by scarcity; they are exhausted by hunger and wars. all despair of living; robbed of the safety of sustenance. Thus one day as ragnar lies stealthily in ambush. longing to rush upon the dacians; the dacians have rushed upon him. They have surrounded him accosting from different directions. and seized him fighting greatly. and have led him vanquished back to rollo. For indeed that same day ragnar's men; remaining in coverts in order to capture some of the dacians; have attacked twelve of rollo's chief warriors. and captured them by means of steady valor. Then ragnar's wife weeping and wailing. having called her leaders together concerning him; has sent for rollo to return her lord to her in return for the twelve captured counts. Having received her embassy rollo immediately; has sent back to her saying. Ragnar will not be returned to you but he will be decapitated; unless you first hand my companions over to me. and moreover give me whatever gold and silver there is in his duchy. yea indeed the tribute payment of that region. along with an oath of the christian way of life. Soon ragnar's consort. distressed by this mournful embassy; has sent the captured counts back to rollo. and all the gold and silver which she was able to find. Yea indeed with suppliant and intercessory words she has sent to rollo; whatever had been granted to the sacred altars. along with the revenue of that duchy while swearing that she neither had more metal nor could she exact any. so that he might hand over her husband to her. Moreover he himself moved by compassion and by the cries of those supplicatingly beseeching him; has caused ragnar long-neck to come to him. and addresses him with these peace-making words. Ragnar duke and fiercest warrior and one sprung from the arrogant blood of kings and dukes and counts; what wrong have I ever done you. for you to have done battle along with the walgri. and the frisians against me? Should you desire now to vent your rage; the arrows and armed retainers of war are wanting. Should you wish to slip away from us in flight; you cannot escape while entangled in fetters. Just as I did with the frisians I have retaliated for the evils; which you brought upon me without cause. Your wife and your leaders have sent me in exchange for you whatever gold and silver they were able to recover. I will hand over to you half of the accumulated tribute; and I will send you back to your wife. Rest after this while growing mild; and let there in no wise be discord. between me and you but rather eternal peace friendship. That said ragnar's shins are released from their fetters. And having allied ragnar to himself. and having enriched him with extremely great presents and gifts; yea indeed having handed over to him the moiety of the despatched tribute. rollo has immediately sent him back delighted to his wife. With these matters having been settled by a peace in this way; clever rollo mindful of his vision. and always hoping that what he has seen in his dreams will come true for him. asks. what he should do.


Look rollo why do you remain tarrying in those lands?
When you have taken more than enough revenge on all your foes?
Stop refrain this decision is better for you
That in the ready time of a coming age
You will suffer the battles of the abominable frankish nation
And be greatly harassed by aquitanian wars
After this about to approach the moisture of the liquid and sacred font
Drenched with chrism. and renewed by the fluid of the oil
You will capture rewards including the present of never-ending life.

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