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A List of Fiction for Students of History

Part I: Ancient & Medieval

J. S. Arkenberg, Comp.

The following list does not claim to be exhaustive, but, rather, a work
in being. The following abbreviations apply:

* = Highly Recommended; M = Mystery.

Ashley, Mike, ed. The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunits, 1993 (M)*
________. The Mammoth Book of Historical Detectives, 1993 (M)*

Ancient Egypt
Christie, Agatha. Death Comes as the End, 1941 (Middle Kingdom)(M)
Drury, Allen. A God Against the Gods, 1976.
Gedge, Pauline. Child of the Morning, 1977.
George, Margaret. The Memoirs of Cleopatra, 1997.
Gill, Anton. City of the Horizon, 1991 (Akhnaton's Egypt, Huy the Scribe
v. 1)(M)
________. City of Dreams, 1993 (Huy the Scribe v. 2)(M)
________. City of the Dead, 1995 (Huy the Scribe v. 3)(M)
Hawkes, Jacquetta. King of the Two Lands, 1966.
Mailer, Norman. Ancient Evenings, 1983.
Merezhkovsky, Dmitri. Akhnaton, King of Egypt, 1924
Robinson, Lynda S. Murder in the Place of Anubis, 1994 (King Tut's Egypt,
Meren v. 1)(M)*
________. Murder at the God's Gate, 1995 (Meren v. 2)(M)*
________. Murder at the Feast of Rejoicing, 1996 (Meren v. 3)(M)*
Tarr, Judith. King and Goddess (Hatshepsut)
________. Throne of Isis, 1994 (Cleopatra)
________. Pillar of Fire, 1995 (Akhnaton)
Waltari, Mika. The Egyptian, 1949.

Ancient Mesopotamia
De Camp, L. Sprague. The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate.
Mackey, Mary. The Last Warrior Queen, 1983.
Mielke, Thomas R. Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, 1988.
________. Inanna, Oddysey of a Goddess, 1990.
Morgan, Alison. The Eyes of the Blind, 1987.

Ancient India
Barrett, William E. Lady of the Lotus, 1975 (The Buddha)
Carus, Paul. Amitabha, 1906. (The Buddha)
Clifford, Hugh. The Downfall of the Gods, 1911. (13th c. India)
Fast, Jonathan. Golden Fire, 1986.
Hesse, Hermann. Siddhartha (The Buddha)*
Myers, Leopold. The Near and the Far, 1929 (16th century India)
________. Prince Jali, 1931.
________. Rajah Amar, 1934.

Ancient China
Caldwell, Taylor. The Earth is the Lord's, 1940. (Mongols and Ghengis Khan)
Cooney, Eleanor, and David Altieri, The Court of the Lion: A Novel of the
Tang Dynasty
Costain, Thomas B. The Black Rose, 1945. (Englishman in the Mongol Empire)
Hughart, Barry. Bridge of Birds, 1984.
________. The Story of the Stone, 1988.
________. Eight Skilled Gentleman, 1991.
Jennings, Gary. The Journeyer. (Marco Polo)
Ko Lien Hua Ying, Flower Shadows behind the Curtain, 1959. (14th century China)
Lan,Kenneth Westmacott. Winter Cherry, 1944. (8th century emperor's court)
Linklater, Eric. The Cornerstone: A Conversation in Elysium, 1942. (Confucius)
Llewellyn, Richard. Warden of the Smoke and Bells, 1956. (Marco Polo)
Marshall, Edison. Caravan to Xanou: A Novel of Marco Polo, 1953.
Spence, Jonathan. The Death of Woman Wang, 1978.(17th century rural China)
Van Gulik, Robert. The Chinese Gold Murders, 1959 (7th Century China, Judge Dee v. 1)(M)
________. The Lacquer Screen, 1964 (Dee v. 2)(M)
________. The Chinese Lake Murders (Dee v. 3)(M)
________. The Haunted Monastery, 1963 (Dee v. 4)(M)
________. The Monkey and The Tiger, 1965 (Dee v. 5)(M)
________. The Chinese Bell Murders, 1958 (Dee v. 6)(M)
________. The Chinese Nail Murders, 1961 (Dee v. 7)(M)
________. The Chinese Maze Murders, 1962 (Dee v. 8)(M)
________. The Emperor's Pearl, 1963 (Dee v. 9)(M)
________. The Red Pavilion, 1964 (Dee v. 10)(M)
________. The Willow Pattern, 1965 (Dee v. 11)(M)
________. Murder in Canton, 1966 (Dee v. 12)(M)
________. The Phantom of the Temple, 1966 (Dee v. 13)(M)
________. Necklace and Calabash, 1967 (Dee v. 14)(M)
________. Poets and Murder, 1968 (Dee v. 15)(M)
________. Judge Dee at Work, 1967 (Dee v. 16)(M)
Yasushi, Inoue. The Roof Tiles of Tempyo.
Yutang, Lin. Lady Wu: A Novel, 1965. (Tang empress)

Eiji, Yoshikawa. Heike Story, 1956. (12th c. warrior clan)
Kristeva, Julia. The Samurai: A Novel, 1992.
Stacton, David. Segaki, 1958. (14th c. Buddhist monasticism)

Pre-Columbian America
Jennings, Gary. Aztec (ancient Aztec scribe)
Hill, Ruth B. Hanta Yo: An American Saga. (North America)

Ancient Israel and Medieval Judaism
Asch, Shalom. Moses, 1951.
________. The Prophet, 1955. (Isaiah)
Fast, Howard. My Glorious Brothers, 1948.
Feuchtwanger, Lion. Josephus, 1932.
-------. Raquel: The Jewess of Toledo, 1955.
Heard, Gerald. The Gospel According to Gamaliel. (Gamaliel the Elder)
Hunt, Angela. Dreamers (Joseph in Egypt)
Le Porrier, Herbert. The Doctor from Cordova, 1979. (Moses Maimondides)
Mann, Thomas. Joseph and His Brothers, 4 vols., 1933-43.
Michener, James A. The Source, 1965.
Rosenberg, David. The Lost Book of Paradise, 1993.
Steinberg, Milton. As a Driven Leaf, 1940. (2nd c. Jewish rabbi)
Wangerin, Walter, Jr. The Book of God: The Bible as a Novel, 1996.
Wilder, Thornton. The Cabala, 1926.

Ancient Greece
Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The Firebrand, 1988.
Bryher,Winifred. Gate to the Sea.
Burke, John. The 300 Spartans, 1961.
Caldwell, Taylor. Glory and the Lightning, 1974.
Cussler. Clive. Treasure. (library of Alexandria)
De Camp, L. Sprague, An Elephant for Aristotle, 1958.
________. An Arrow of Hercules, 1965.
. The Bronze God of Rhodes.
Duggan, Alfred. Elephants and Castles, 1973. (Hellenistic Greece)
________. Besieger of Cities.
Graves, Robert. Hercules, My Shipmate. (Odysseus)
________. Homer's Daughter.
Green, Peter.The Laughter of Aphrodite: A Novel about Sappho of Lesbos. ________. Achilles His Armour, 1967. (Alcibiades)
Jicinski, Blanca. Diogenes: A Novel Based on an Apochryphal Biography of
the Greek Philosopher

Lamb, Harold. Alexander of Macedon, the Journey to World's End, 1946.
Merezhkovsky, Dmitri. The Birth of the Gods, 1940. (Crete)
Mitchison, Naomi. The Barbarian.
Payne, Robert. Cloud Cuckooland, 1926 (Socrates)
Penfield, Wilder. The Torch, 1960.
Phillpotts, Eden. The Treasures of Typhon, 1924. (Epicurus and Menander)
Powell, Richard. Whom the Gods Would Destroy, 1970. (Trojan War)
Radin, Max. Epicurus My Master, 1949.
Renault, Mary. The Last of the Wine, 1956*
________. The King Must Die, 1958. (Theseus)
________. The Bull from the Sea, 1962. (Theseus)
________. Fire from Heaven, 1969. (Alexander the Great)
________. The Persian Boy, 1972. (Alexander the Great)
________. The Praise Singer, 1978. (Simonides)
________. Funeral Games, 1981. (after Alexander's death)
________. The Mask of Apollo.
________. The Charioteer.
Rofheart, Martha. My Name is Sappho. 1974.
Schmitt, Gladys. Electra.
Stone, Irving. The Greek Treasure. (Heinrich Schliemann)
Sutcliff, Rosemary. Flowers of Adonis, 1970. (Alcibiades)
Treece, Henry. Electra, 1963.
________. Jason.
Vidal, Gore. Creation, 1981.
Warner,Rex. Pericles the Athenian.
Wolfe, Gene. Soldier of the Mist.

________. Soldier of Arete.
Yerby, Frank. Goat Song, 1967.

Ancient Rome
Bryher, Winifred. Roman Wall, 1956.
________. The Coin of Carthage, 1963. (Punic War)
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward. The Last Days of Pompeii, 1834.
Burns, Ron. Roman Nights, 1991 (Late Republic, Severus v. 1)(M)
________. Roman Shadows, 1992 (Severus v. 2)(M)
Caldwell, Taylor. A Pillar of Iron, 1965. (Cicero)
Carling, John R. Marcus and Faustina, 1904. (Marcus Aurelius)
Davis, Lindsey. Silver Pigs, 1989 (Vespasian's Rome, Falco v. 1)(M)
________. Shadows in Bronze, 1990 (Falco v. 2)(M)
________. Venus in Copper, 1991 (Falco v. 3)(M)
________. The Iron Hand 0f Mars, 1992 (Falco v. 4)(M)
________. Poseidon's Gold, 1993 (Falco v. 5)(M)
________. Last Act in Palmyra, 1994 (Falco v. 6)(M)
Davis, William Stearns. A Friend of Caesar, 1928.
De Camp, L. Sprague. Lest Darkness Fall, 1974*
Duggan, Alfred. Winter Quarters, 1956.
________. Three's Company, 1958.
________. Children of the Wolf, 1959.
Fast, Howard. Spartacus, 1958.
Flaubert, Gustave. Salambo, 1862. (Carthage)
Graves, Robert. I, Claudius, 1934*
________. Claudius the God, 1935*
________. Count Belisarius, 1938.
Hambly, Barbara. Search the Seven Hills, 1987 (Trajan's Rome)(M)
Hurley, Vic. The Parthian, 1960.
Koestler, Arthur. The Gladiators, 1939.
Lamb, Harold. Theodora and the Emperor, 1952.
McCullough, Colleen. The First Man in Rome, 1990 (Fall of the Republic v.
________. The Grass Crown, 1991 (Fall of the Republic v. 2)*
________. Fortune's Favourites, 1993 (Fall of the Republic v. 3)*
________. Caesar's Women, 1996 (Fall of the Republic v. 4)*
Mitchison, Naomi. The Corn King and the Spring Queen, 1931.
Pater, Walter. Marius the Epicurean, 1885.
Pilpel, Robert H. Between Eternities, 1985. (Marcus Aurelius)
Roberts, John Maddox. SPQR, 1990 (Late Republic, Metellus v. 1)(M)
________. The Catiline Conspiracy, 1991 (Metellus v. 2)(M)
________. The Sacrilege, 1992 (Metellus v. 3)(M)
________. The Temple of the Muses, 1993 (Metellus v. 4)(M)
________. Saturnalia, 1994 (Metellus v. 5)(M)
Saylor, Steven. Roman Blood, 1991 (Late Republic, Gordianus v. 1)(M)*
________. Arms of Nemesis, 1992 (Gordianus v. 2)(M)*
________. Catalina's Riddle, 1993 (Gordianus v. 3)(M)*
________. The Venus Throw, 1995 (Gordianus v. 4)(M)*
________. A Murder on the Appian Way, 1996 (Gordianus v. 5)(M)*
Treece, Harry. The Dark Island.
________. Legions of the Eagle.
________. War Dog.
________. The Eagles Have Flown.
Vidal,Gore. Julian, 1964 (Emperor Julian, mid-4th Century AD) .
Waltari, Mika. The Etruscan, 1956.
Warner, Rex. Young Caesar, 1958.
________. Imperial Caesar, 1960.
Wilder, Thornton. The Ides of March, 1948.
Williams, John. Augustus, 1972.
Yourcenar, Marguerite. Memoirs of Hadrian, 1959*

Early Christianity
Armstrong, Martin. The Desert, 1926. (4th c. desert monastic life)
Asch, Shalom. The Nazarene, 1939.
________. The Apostle, 1943.
________. Mary, 1949.
Bukmaster, Henrietta. And Walk in Love, 1955. (St. Paul)
Caldwell, Taylor. Great Lion of God, 1970.
________, and Jess Stearn. I, Judas, 1977.
Costain, Thomas. The Silver Chalice, 1954. (Holy Grail and early Christianity)
Crace, Jim. Quarantine, 1996 (Jesus as a boy)
France, Anatole. Balthazar, 1909. (The Three Magi)
Graves, Robert. King Jesus.
Kazantzakis, Nikos. The Last Temptation of Christ.
Mailer, Norman. The Gospel According to the Son, 1997.
Sienkiewicz,Henryk. Quo Vadis?, 1896.*
Wallace, Lew. Ben Hur, 1880.*
Waltari, Mika. The Secret of the Kingdom, 1961. (After the Resurrection)

Gordon, Noah. The Physician, 1986. (Avicenna)
Lamb, Harold. Omar Khayyam.
MacFall, Haldane. The Three Students, 1926. (Omar Khayyam)
Pickthall, Marmaduke. Knights of Araby, 1917. (11th c. Arabia)
________. Said the Fisherman, 1903.
Yerby, Frank. The Saracen Blade, 1952.

Medieval Europe
Aveling, Francis. Arnoul the Englishman, 1908. (Paris debates on Plato and Aristotle)
Ball, Margaret. A Bridge to the Sky, 1990 (cathedral building)
Bellonci, Maria. Private Renaissance. (Isabella d'Este)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The Mists of Avalon.
Burgess, Anthony. Nothing Like the Sun, 1965. (Elizabethan England)
Carter, Barbara Barclay. Ship without Sails, 1934. (Dante)
Clancy, Gertrude &;Joseph. Death is a Pilgrim, 1993 (Chaucer's England)(M)
Clynes, Michael. The White Rose Murders, 1991 (Tudor England, Shallot v.1) (M)
________. The Poisoned Chalice, 1992 (Shallot v. 2)(M)
Cooke Don Carlos, Louisa. A Battle in the Smoke, 1908. (Benedictine monastic life)
Costain, Thomas. The Moneyman, 1947. (Jacques Coeur, 15th century France)
________. Darkness and the Dawn, 1959. (Attila the Hun)
De Wohl, Louis. The Quiet Light, 1950. (Thomas Aquinas)
Doherty, P. C. The Death of a King, 1985 (Edward II's England, Beche v. 1) (M)
________. Satan in St. Mary's, 1986 (Edward I's England, Corbett v. 1)(M)
________. Crown in Darkness, 1988 (Corbett v. 2)(M)
________. Spy in Chancery, 1988 (Corbett v. 3)(M)
________. The Angel of Death, 1989 (Corbett v. 4)(M)
________. The Fate of the Princes, 1990 (Richard III's England, Lovell v.1) (M)
________. The Prince of Darkness, 1992 (Corbett v. 5)(M)
________. Murder Wears a Cowl, 1992 (Corbett v. 6)(M)
Duggan, Alfred. Count Bohemond, 1964.
Dumas, Alexandre. The Three Musketeers, 1844 (D'Artagnan v. 1).
________. Twenty Years After (D'Artagnan v. 2)
________. The Vicomte de Bragelonne (D'Artagnan v. 3)
________. Louise de la Valliere (D'Artagnan v. 4)
________. The Man in the Iron Mask.(D'Artagnan v. 5)
Dunnett, Dorothy. The Game of Kings (16th century France, Lymond Chronicles v.1)
________. Queens Play (Lymond v. 2)
________. The Disorderly Knights (Lymond v. 3)
________. Pawn in Frankincense (Lymond v. 4)
________. The Ringed Castle (Lymond v. 5)
________. Checkmate (Lymond v. 6)
________. Niccolo Rising (15th Century Florence, Niccolo v. 1)
________. The Spring of the Ram (Niccolo v. 2)
________. The Unicorn Hunt (Niccolo v. 3)
________. King Hereafter (Macbeth)
Eco, Umberto. The Name of the Rose, 1980 (M)*
Eliot, George. Romola, 1863. (Savonarola and the Florentine Renaissance)
Eyre, Elizabeth. Death of a Duchess, 1991 (Renaissance Italy, Sigismondo
v. 1)(M)
________. Curtains for the Cardinal, 1992 (Sigismondo v. 2)(M)
________. Poison for the Prince, 1993 (Sigismondo v. 3)(M)
Farrington, Benjamin. Francis Bacon, Pioneer of Planned Science, 1969.
Follett, Ken. The Pillars of the Earth, 1989. (12th c. cathedral)
Frazer, Margaret. The Novice's Tale, 1992 (Henry VI's England, Sister Frevisse v. 1)(M)
________. The Servant's Tale, 1993 (Frevisse v. 2)(M)
________. The Outlaw's Tale, 1994 (Frevisse v. 3)(M)
________. The Bishop's Tale, 1994 (Frevisse v. 4)(M)
________. The Boy's Tale, 1995 (Frevisse v. 5)(M)
________. The Murderer's Tale, 1996 (Frevisse v. 6)(M)
Garrett, George. Death of the Fox, 1971. (Elizabethan England)
Harding, Paul. The Nightingale Gallery, 1991 (Richard II's England, Athelstan v. 1)(M)
________. The House of the Red Slayer, 1992 (Athelstan v. 2)(M)
________. Murder Most Holy, 1992 (Athelstan v. 3)(M)
________. The Anger of God, 1993 (Athelstan v. 4)(M)
Hesse,Hermann. Narcissus and Goldmund, 1930.
Holland, Cecelia. The Earl, 1971.
________. City of God: A Novel of the Borgias, 1979.
Hugo, Victor. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1831.
James, Katherine. A City of Contrasts, 1913. (Renaissance Florence)
Jarman, Rosemary Hawley. We Speak No Treason, 1971 (Richard III)
Karr, Phyllis Ann. The Idylls of the Queen, 1982 (M)
Kazantzakis, Nikos. Saint Francis.
Llywelyn, Morgan. Grania: She-King of the Irish Seas.
________. The Horse Goddess.
________. Lion of Ireland: The Legend of Brian Boru.
Lofts, Norah. Crown of Aloes, 1974. (Isabella I, 15th c. Spain)
Luke, Mary M. A Crown for Elizabeth, 1970. (Elizabeth I)
MacInnes, Colin. Three Years to Play, 1969. (Elizabethan England)
Mann, Thomas. The Holy Sinner. (Pope Gregory the Great)
Marcantel, Pamela. An Army of Angels: A Novel of Joan of Arc, 1997.
Marston, Edward. The Queen's Head, 1988 (Elizabethan England, Bracewell v
2E 1) (M)
________. The Merry Devils, 1989 (Bracewell v. 2)(M)
________. The Trip to Jerusalem, 1989 (Bracewell v. 3)(M)
________. The Nine Giants, 1991 (Bracewell v. 4)(M)
________. The Mad Courtesan, 1992 (Bracewell v. 5)(M)
________. The Wolves of Savernake, 1993 (Norman England, Delchard &; Bret v. 1) (M)
________. The Ravens of Blackwater, 1994 (Delchard &;Bret v. 2)(M)
________. The Dragons of Archenfield, 1995 (Delchard &;Bret v. 3)(M)
Merezhkovsky, Dmitri. The Romance of Leonardo Da Vinci, 1902.
Muntz, Hope. The Golden Warrior, 1948. (Norman conquest)
Myers, Henry. The Utmost Island. (10th century Iceland)
Newman, Sharon. Death Comes as Epiphany. (M)
________. The Devil's Door. (M)
________. The Wandering Arm. (M)
________. Strong as Death. (M)
Nye, Robert. Falstaff, 1974.
________. Merlin.
Oldenbourg, Zoe B. The Cornerstone, 1953. (medieval life)
________. The World is Not Enough, 1948. (medieval France)
________. Destiny of Fire, 1961.
________. The Crusades, 1965.*
Pargeter, Edith. The Heaven Tree (Medieval Britain v. 1)
________. The Green Branch (Medieval Britain v. 2)
________. The Scarlet Seed (Medieval Britain v. 3)
Penman, Sharon Kay. The Sunne in Splendor (15th-century England)
________. Here Be Dragons, 1985 (Henry III's England, v. 1)

________. Falls the Shadow, 1988 (Henry III's England, v. 2)
________. The Reckoning, 1991 (Henry III's England, v. 3)
________. Where Christ and His Saints Slept, 1995 (12th Century England)
Peters, Ellis. A Rare Benedictine, 1995 (12th Century England, Brother Cadfael, prequel)(M)*
________. A Morbid Taste for Bones, 1977 (Cadfael v. 1)(M)*
________. One Corpse Too Many, 1979 (Cadfael v. 2)(M)*
________. Monk's Hood, 1980 (Cadfael v. 3)(M)*
________. Saint Peter's Fair, 1981 (Cadfael v. 4)(M)*
________. The Leper of Saint Giles, 1981 (Cadfael v. 5)(M)*
________. The Virgin in the Ice, 1982 (Cadfael v. 6)(M)*
________. The Sanctuary Sparrow, 1983 (Cadfael v. 7)(M)*
________. The Devil's Novice, 1983 (Cadfael v. 8)(M)*
________. Dead Man's Ransom, 1984 (Cadfael v. 9)(M)*
________. The Pilgrim of Hate, 1984 (Cadfael v. 10)(M)*
________. An Excellent Mystery, 1985 (Cadfael v. 11)(M)*
________. The Raven in the Foregate, 1986 (Cadfael v. 12)(M)*
________. The Rose Rent, 1986 (Cadfael v. 13)(M)*
________. The Hermit of Eyton Forest, 1987 (Cadfael v. 14)(M)*
________. The Confession of Brother Haluin, 1988 (Cadfael v. 15)(M)*
________. The Heretic's Apprentice, 1989 (Cadfael v. 16)(M)*
________. The Potter's Field, 1989 (Cadfael v. 17)(M)*
________. The Summer of the Danes, 1991 (Cadfael v. 18)(M)*
________. The Holy Thief, 1992 (Cadfael v. 19)(M)*
________. Brother Cadfael's Penance, 1993 (Cadfael v. 20)(M)*
Potter, Jeremy. A Trail of Blood, 1970 (Henry VIII's England)(M)
Pouillon, Fernand. The Stones of the Abbey.
Powys, John Cowper. Porius: A Romance of the Dark Ages, 1951 (England, 499)
Reade, Charles. The Cloister and the Hearth, 1861.
Robb, Candace M. The Apothecary Rose, 1993 (Owen Archer v. 1)(M)
________. The Lady Chapel, 1994 (Owen Archer v. 2)(M)
________. The Nun's Tale, 1995 (Owen Archer v. 3)(M)
________. The King's Bishop, 1996 (Owen Archer v. 4)(M)
Rofheart, Martha. Fortune Made His Sword, 1972. (Henry V, 15th century England)
________. Glendower Country, 1973 (legendary Welsh hero)
Rutherfurd, Edward. Sarum: The Novel of England, 1987.
________. London, 1997.
Scott, Sir Walter. Ivanhoe, 1819 (12th c. England).
________. The Talisman. (Richard Coeur de Lion and Saladin)
________. Quentin Durward, 1823. (15th c. France)
________. The Fair Maid of Perth (15th c. Scotland)
________. Kenilworth, 1821. (Elizabethan England)
Seton, Anya. Katherine, 1954 (Medieval England)
Sienkewicz, Henryk. Teutonic Knights (15th Century Poland)
________. Fire in the Steppe (16th Century Poland, v. 1)
________. The Deluge (16th Century Poland, v. 2)
________. Pan Michael (16th Century Poland, v. 3)
Simon, Edith. The Golden Hand.
Shellabarger, Samuel. Prince of Foxes, 1947. (Cesare Borgia's Italy)
Stewart, Mary. The Crystal Cave, 1970 (Merlin v. 1).
________. The Hollow Hills, 1973 (Merlin v. 2).
________. The Last Enchantment, 1975 (Merlin v. 3).
Stone, Irving. The Agony and the Ecstasy, 1961. (Michelangelo)
Sutcliff, Rosemary. Sword at Sunset.
Tolstoy, Nikolai. The Coming of the King: A Novel of Merlin.
Tourney, Leonard. The Players' Boy is Dead, 1982 (Elizabethan England, Stock v. 1)(M)
________. Low Treason, 1983 (Stock v. 2)(M)
________. Familiar Spirits, 1984 (Stock v. 3)(M)
________. The Bartholomew Fair Murders, 1986 (Stock v. 4)(M)
________. Old Saxon Blood, 1988 (Stock v. 5)(M)
________. Knaves Templar, 1991 (Stock v. 6)(M)
Treece, Harry. Viking's Dawn (Sigurdson v. 1)
________. The Road to Miklagard (Sigurdson v. 2)
________. Viking's Sunset (Sigurdson v. 3)
________. Hounds of the King (Norman Conquest v. 1)
________. Man with a Sword (Norman Conquest v. 2)
________. Last of the Vikings (Norman Conquest v. 3)
________. The Horned Helmet.
________. The Children's Crusade.
Twain, Mark. The Prince and the Pauper, 1881.
Undset, Sigrid. The Bridal Wreath, 1920 (Kristen Lavransdatter v. 1)*
________. The Mistress of Husaby, 1921 (Kristen Lavransdatter v. 2)*
________. The Cross, 1922 (Kristen Lavransdatter v. 3)*
________. The Axe, 1925 (13th Century Norway v. 1)*
________. The Snake Pit, 1927 (13th Century Norway v. 2)*
________. In the Wilderness, 1929 (13th Century Norway v. 3)*
________. The Son Avenger, 1932 (13th Century Norway v. 4)*
Von Almedingen, Martha E. The Golden Sequence, 1949 (French monastic and peasant life)
Von Kleist, Heinrich. Michael Kohlhaas, 1808.
Waddell, Helen. Peter Abelard, 1933.
Waltari, Mika. The Wanderer, 1951.
White, Helen. Bird of Fire, 1958.
Yourcenar, Marguerite. The Abyss. (16th century France)

Copyright (C) 1997, J. S. Arkenberg. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents,including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact.

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