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A Guide to Online Resources

ORB hopes to make available to users a growing collection of downloadable graphic images. In some cases, these are images that can be used to illustrate lectures and amplify home pages. Some may be restricted to classroom use. Still others are available only for browsing on the net. As you peruse this page, please be sensitive to any restrictions placed upon individual collections. As always, ORB welcomes submissions of graphic materials that can enhance the learning experience of our students. If you have contributions, please contact the ORB Editor.

Preliminary Outline for this Section:

  • Catalonian Manuscripts
    This recently added page from the Berkeley Digital Library Sunsite highlights some manuscripts from the collection of The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. At the site, users can access over 260 digitized pages of eleventh- through fifteenth-century manuscripts from Catalonia. These are presented in four sections: a fifteenth-century Catalan translation of Boethius's De consolatione philosophiae, Saint Peter Pascual's Llibre del bisbe de Jaen (Biblia parva), and two collections of various legal records and documents, the first dating from 1031 to 1499 and the second from 1140 to 1555. All of the documents are easy to navigate, and page images are available in standard and high resolution, and as thumbnails. An abstract is provided for the first collection of legal documents, and links are offered to bibliographic information on all of the items featured at this page.

  • Early Manuscripts at Oxford University. Based at Oxford University and part of the Specialised Research Collections in the Humanities initiative supported by the Higher Education Funding bodies of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, this project is making scanned images of ancient, medieval, and Celtic manuscripts available for free personal use by researchers. At present, the site offers nearly 30 manuscripts, some of them rather substantial. After browsing by collection and library and accepting the stated conditions, users may view the manuscripts by folio. Most are presented as thumbnailed images in framed pages with information on the document and viewing tips provided. Users should note that the JPEG images of each page can be very large, as much as 140MB, and faster connections and more powerful computers are strongly recommended. The site recommends configuring an appropriate viewer, such as ACDSee, as a helper application rather than viewing the JPEG images in one's browser. Highlights of the ! collection include an unfinished Canterbury Tales with the scribe's instructions, a fourteenth-century treatise on Welsh medicine, the early sixteenth-century Annals of Ulster, and a sixteenth-century text on military science and siegecraft with colored diagrams.

  • Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome. Maintained by Classics Professor Leo Curran of the University at Buffalo, this collection of images could be a useful resource for courses in the Classics, Ancient History, or Archaeology. The collection currently contains many high-quality photos from France and Italy, with separate sections for Sicily and Rome. The imagesare offered free for any non-commercial purpose, and the site is periodically updated with new photos.

  • Roman Coin Collection

  • Periodical historical atlas AD 1-1600 in English or French

  • Icons with Medieval Themes

  • A Lighter View of the Middle Ages

  • Other Online Resources

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