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Thomas Head
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Preliminary Outline for this Section:

§         All the Saints of the City of Angels, illus. J. Michael Walker
This site explores the cultural and spiritual heritage of Los Angeles, California, seeking connections between the lives of the saints and the histories surrounding the 85 streets that bear their names. ORB readers are invited to visit the site and to contribute related information within their areas of expertise.

    • Centers for medieval studies 
      • The most important scholarly center devoted to the study of hagiography is that of the Société des Bollandistes, a group of Jesuits formed in the seventeenth century. Based in Brussels, they maintain a superb library, several important publishing ventures including the journal Analecta Bollandiana, and a marvelous website which has guides to their many activities and other useful links. 
        • An important new venture of the Bollandists is the edition and maintenance of an on-line index of hagiographic manuscripts, entitled BHLms. It is based on the Bollandist catalogues of many important manuscript collections and is keyed to the cataloguing of hagiographic texts in the Bibliotheca hagiographica latina (see above).
      • The Centre de recherche "Hagiographies" located at the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix in Namur, Belgium.  This center, directed by Professor Guy Philippart, is responsible for the ongoing publication of an extremely important overview of hagiographic studies: Hagiographies: Sociologie et histoire de la littérature hagiographique en Occident des origines à 1550.  A description of this project and the contents of the volumes already published is available at this site.
        • This center maintains another important on-line adjunct to the Bibliotheca hagiographica latina (see above) is a list of dates of composition for many of the works listed in the BHL called the Chronology of Latin Hagiography.
    • Links to museums and libraries 
      • The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York contains several collections of medieval objects with much to interest the scholar of sanctity, particularly at the wonderful collection in northern Manhattan known as The Cloisters.
      • The Musée de Cluny is the specific French national collection of medieval art, and likewise has many objects connected to the cult of saints.
      • The Vatican Museums are another collection rich in objects associated with the heritage of various saints.
    • Professional organizations 
    • Scholarly conferences 

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