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Sub-Roman Britain

A Guide to Online Resources

Section Editor: Christopher A. Snyder, Chair, Department of History and Politics, Marymount University.  Dr. Snyder can be reached at: csnyder@marymount.edu. He is interested in proposals for articles, and in resources that can be linked to this section.

Sub-Roman Britain (AD 400-600)

"Sub-Roman" is a label that has been applied to Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries AD.  The Britons became independent of Rome after several Roman troop withdrawals and the forcible expulsion of Roman administrators c.410.  Between that important event, and the equally important arrival of a Roman Catholic mission led by St. Augustine in Kent in 597, Britain began to recede from documented history and move into a period of legend.  For many this is the Age of Arthur and Merlin, or the beginning of the great Age of the Saints in the Celtic churches.

The few written records we do possess from this period (most notably the writings of Patrick and Gildas), and the increasingly significant archaeological evidence, are finally helping scholars sort fact from fiction for this enigmatic period of British history.  Below you will find a collection of resources to aid your exploration of Sub-Roman Britain. 

Outline for Sub-Roman Britain

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